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Recording Demos And Such

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So I know Matt uses garageband to record his demos for the most part. Any idea if he uses any other programs? Maybe to make the instruments sound better or something? Just wondering because I'm starting to do my own demos and want to try and make them sound as good as possible (even if they are demos)

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To be honest, it's more to do with how much you can do within the program, and the plugins you have. If you're going to invest in getting Logic Pro, then it's probably only worth it if you invest in a couple of plugins too. From personal perspective, if you're looking to demo everything yourself, I'd recommend looking into Superior Drummer and then something like Guitar Rig to record bass and guitar. Superior Drummer comes with a wealth of samples and controls to tweak to get the sound you want, and Guitar Rig has a load of different amp models and variables you can play about with too. The worst thing would be investing in Logic Pro, and then finding that you're just using the same samples that you would be in Garageband anyway.

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yeah i bought the plugins for garageband since they were only $5. have looked into guitar rig and superior drummer, just a little pricey. might get them in the future for sure though cause im going to need them at some point. hard to get a band together these days so just been doing demos for at least something to do.

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