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Arrows Of Desire Tabs

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Some of them are pretty easy. For instance, Guns of Carolina is easy to figure out (Em G C for the verse, D Am F for the middle, Em G Am G G/D Em for the chorus). So is We're Long Gone (Bm G D for the verse and C G for the chorus).


The only ones I can't figure out really are Arrows of Desire, Via Dolorosa and Garden of Knives.

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Guest Idioteque



Can be a hit or miss sometimes.

I'd give it a scroll if you have any free time.


There aren't too many guitar tab sites with MG (Which is a shame because he's such an underrated song writer)

& if you don't pay attention to what tabs you're clicking under "Matthew" you'll end up learning Dave Matthews entire discography.


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Guitar Pro 5 and 6 are the shit man. I used 5 for about 3 years and am almost done my first year with 6. The learning curve is pretty fair too, with it being easy to learn the basics, as well as having some advanced technical things you can do with it. Since I do a lot of composing, I use it pretty frequently, but even if you won't use it often I'd consider checking out the demo for 6. It can be a very good program for learning tabs and other sheet music too, and the playback quality is excellent.


The only drawbacks with it are that if you don't have much experience tabbing there aren't many tutorials that come with the program, but YouTube is a pretty good source for tuts and walkthroughs.


It's a solid 9/10 program in my opinion.

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