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Maybe I Have Always Been A Phony, And I've Just Been Good At Hiding It.

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Did Matt write this or is it a quote from something?


The planets all captured in the gravity of another, not unlike ourselves.

The microcosmic beings that we are in comparison.

They work from the top down then, affecting the greater and the lesser, the small and the large.

Offering up the reasoning that all things must be insignificant together, or together be worth everything equal.

Because if that is the way of things then my magnets and those of the sun must attract and repulse in equal measure. And if not, then chaos and the subsequent results.


Looking out to sea I am caught between these ideals - one seeming true, and its opposite being only too often proved by our lack of singularity.

Perhaps there is a fear in such a singularity, not unlike the unknown of something, that would result in something of significant positivity, but is hampered by how negative the method needed to obtain it is.


I am not one for such thoughts usually, but today that just makes a great deal of sense.

Perhaps just today.

Maybe that's the problem, the obstacle.

As I sit here in tourist's shorts I feel a phony.

Maybe I have always been a phony and I've just been good at hiding it.


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