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"i Will Awake To Be A Has-Been" A Good Thing?

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I've had this thought recently. At first, hearing Tripoli and knowing the anxiety Matt was feeling at the time AOB was done, at first, I though "In a while, I will awake to be a has-been" was that he was afraid he'd be forgotten one day.


But it recently dawned on me: Matt never liked fame!


So what if that phrase was actually him trying to comfort himself. Like "don't worry, in a while, I will awake to be a has-been and it will all be over".


What do you guys think?

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Hmm that's an interesting thought, but I'm inclined to think Matt was never so bleak. I think Matt is a true artist, of course he wants to be successful, but I think his main goal is to create art and share it, and to affect the lives of others by stirring emotions; I've never been so lucky to have that affect on others (at least that I'm aware of), but I imagine it would be nice. I think in this song Matt was talking about this ability to connect with people through music, not necessarily fame.


Hey that's my 2 cents at least, who knows I could be way off, maybe he really is talking about fame or wanting it to all be over. :P

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