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We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Just throwing this band out there, to see if anyone's heard of them. They're from Scotland, and they've been around a few years now. They have two albums out now, and another one coming in two weeks. They've got a sound similar to Explosions in the Sky, who they've cited as a big influence.


From their first album, a live recording of It's Thunder and It's Lightning, their best song:



Going to see them in Toronto on October 19th.

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I recently(like last few weeks) have really gotten into them.After wondering into them on wikipedia while looking up a band called meursault. I like that I can hear the singer as scottish. Most times the british isles accent(scots,irish,english) kind of sounds english or none at all when singing, if that makes sense.


I hear a little early explosions. I hear a lot of appleseed cast in there, moving mountains a little too.


There approachable in a poppy way but still rock out and have some interesting song structures.

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I love that the accent can be heard throughout. Definitely sets them apart.


Their new album was available to stream briefly, and it's got a different sound as well. They've added an additional guitar player to the band, and it shows in the tone. Also like that they let the bass shine through. There's a couple songs where the bass player is playing chords, and it sounds really cool.

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Reviving this thread because they're coming to North America again this summer.  Got my tickets for June 1st already in Toronto.  Love these guys.  They should have a new album coming out around then.

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