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Advice Needed For A Vinyl Setup

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Hey everyone. I've been collecting a fair bit of vinyl over the past few years, and have a decent amount now. I've been thinking about buying a player now, and I'm wondering if anyone else has bought one lately.


How much would I hve to spend to buy a decent player? I'm also assuming that vinyl depreciates if you play it. Is it worth it for me to open them to play, or should I just hold onto them?


Thanks for the help.

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Guest Idioteque

Now we're talking.


Never more than $100 for a record player.

Anything more is pointless, a $300 player doesn't offer you anything a $70 player cant do.


This one is mine, ive had it for 5 years and I still haven't changed the needle, its a beast.




I got it for exactly $100 at Future Shop, you can usually pick up an Ion at Best Buy or Walmart (An electronic store usually has one of these). You can USB your vinyl onto your computer & get that rich sound.




This one is a bit cheaper but again price means 0 when comparing record players, just make sure its reliable.


Since Christmas is coming up, I'm sure you'll find one on sale. My friend picked up the same record player a week after me on Black Friday & got it for $55.


Just check with the store you go to that they sell the EXACT same kind of needle, so you don't have to go running around the city trying to find the same kind in case yours breaks later on.

(Cheat code: Go to a thrift store and just take the needle off one of the players if it matches yours, Hey I never said I was a saint)


And of course you can just go to a thrift store and look at some players, nothing beats vintage. Other than no USB option & the chance it has a wonky turntable. Just throw a record from the $2 bin on it & see how she works.


Now to your question about vinyl value.

Of course opening and playing it lowers the value of the record (to some people), BUT depending how well you take care of it, don't sweat it. I could sell my original pressing of Siamese Dream for the same price it was sealed or my TOOL collection just from how well I've taken care of them. Make sure your records arent leaning on eachother & you don't have them anywhere too cold (Like near a window) or too hot (near a heater) and you're solid. Ive purchased unopened records that have been in worse condition sealed than one played 100 times due to people being clumsy.


(Buy some plastic sleeves, usually a box of 200 goes for $40, I got mine at London Drugs)


Bottom line, if you want to listen to a record, do it. It's like having a rare comic book but being too scared to open it. As a collector myself, sealed vinyl isn't that important, the general condition is what I care about.


(Cheat Code #2: You can always put a plastic sleeve on a record and melt the opening together so it looks brand new, learned that at HMV)


Just ask yourself when you're about to open a record if it's just going to sit in your collection for months unplayed after your first listen. I've opened up a record here and there for a couple songs then put it aside for months when it could have stayed sealed. But if you're planning on listening to it alot, go for it, don't see it as $$$ disappearing.


Hope my rambling helped. :P


(Side note, my old record player had a tape deck attached to it, if you're planning on starting a cassette collection too those can be cheap also)

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Thanks for the advice. I didn't want to drop too much anyways, just to get started. I also have to add to my collection if I want to make buying a turntable practical.


I'm hoping Best Buy will throw them on sale for Boxing Day. The ability to hook them up to the computer is awesome. I'd love to convert some vinyl to MP3.

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Guest Idioteque

I've been tempted all year to open one of my sealed Avalanche records just to MP3 it onto my laptop. I imagine the crackling and quiet pops would add a whole new atmosphere to that album. If I do I'll definitely put it up on the site.

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Looks like I'm finally going out to get a turntable.  I've never really had room for an audio setup with a turntable.  But now that I'm almost done finishing my basement, I'm starting to look again at buying one.  I have my tuner and everything already, just need to get something to play some of this vinyl that I've got.

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I'd strongly disagree about the differences between a $300 turntable vs a $70 one but to each their own. Whatever you go with, speakers are just as important for overall sound quality and you can get by with a cheaper receiver... If you've got any cash left I'd look into buying a cheap pre-amp for under $100 that will further improve your sound. 

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