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Signed Albums Avalanche (Mg), Audio Of Being (Whole Band)

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Hi there,


I've got a signed copy of Avalanche and The Audio Of Being up for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. I've also got a signed copy of At Last There's Nothing Left To Say which isn't listed on eBay. Shoot me a reasonable offer for the book :)







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FYI - Be prepared for an extremely long wait and getting surprise ebay service charges. I tried selling signed CDs and singles for cheap prices on eBay recently, and nobody was interested. It's a tough market. You may have to go down on the price. I would never buy an autographed CD at that price, but that's just me.


One $50 bid already for the signed Audio of Being CD? I guess I was wrong.

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I've also got signed by the whole band...


Loser anthems b sides and rarities X 2



Beautiful Midnight

Last of the ghetto astronauts


The discs have been played (a lot) but the booklets are in good shape. I can take some photos if anyone is interested.

Make me an offer if interested. Thanks.

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