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Ticket Reseller Advice.

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Guest Idioteque

I'm looking to get really good seats for the AC/DC show in Vancouver, it's my Dad's #1 Bucketlist goal. I wasn't able to get any options for good seats on ticketmaster so I've been looking at some reseller websites like Ticketstub, and I fell onto this website and found good seats:




But the tickets im trying to purchase sent me an email asking for me to take a picture of my drivers license and credit card (fuck that) and I noticed the specific reseller that I was trying to buy the tickets off of is "VividSeats" which if you google you'll want to throw up because they're one of the shadiest companies ever and screwed people out of the Superbowl and has websites made by unhappy customers just to complain about their terrible experiences.


I'm looking for anyone who has bought tickets from resellers before and what their experiences were like, and any advice to go about doing it, I definitely don't want to show up the day of the concert to find out the tickets I bought are fake and be out $1000.



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i have done quite a few transactions with StubHub. Also if you are going to buy from someone on craigslist, ticketmaster has a feature where they will actually transfer the e-tickets to your ticketmaster account. this is the ONLY way to ensure that the e-tickets you bought weren't printed off multiple times and sold repeatedly. other than that, if you buy an e-ticket from someone the only way to guarantee entry to the venue is to be the first one to get scanned in at the gate.


as of right now on stub hub there are over 2500 tickets available, all are guaranteed and your lowest price at the moment is $205 per.

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Guest Idioteque

But with Stubhub I'm not able to contact the seller and do the e-ticket transaction on ticketmaster can I?

The specific tickets I want are "$570" on stubhub and they're "$370" on the website I linked earlier but the seller on that website is "Vividseats" which again.. I haven't heard a single good thing about that company.


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