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The "making Of" Videos Are Disappointing

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I wish they were actual small insights into the recording process like last time and not just images with the single playing over it. That last one seems interesting.


Maybe it's because he can't let us hear any snippets of songs. But still it's a little disappointing.

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Ya they're very short without much info, but better than nothing so I won't complain.

Yeah, one could argue (Matt included I think) that my post is a sign of the times as people didn't even get insights into studios in the past. But as a music nerd it's so cool to see how a record is done.


For old times' sake, the making of "In a World Called Catastrophe":






(I'd love to hear a full version of this cover)

Nice one! Great memories! :)


Arrows of Desire had some good "Making Of" footage before they got deleted.

Yeah I wonder why they were deleted to. But they were great. The recording of multiple tracks, how it's done and all. I watched them more than once. Then, the fun part: hearing those recordings on the actual record and trying to find the snippets in the finished song... well I'm a music nerd so to me it's the fun part anyway :P


Well, we apparently got a shoutout in the last one so that makes it 100% cooler.

That is true! I was hoping he'd say that.

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I saw the 'making of videos' on iTunes and was like "OMG!!!!  I can't wait to get off work and watch these!"


So twelve hours later, I climb in bed with my laptop and proceed to hit play.


Yep, 30 seconds later it was over and I am still scratching my head.  But........still so excited for the new record!

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