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Chaotic Neutral Cd Packaging - Jewel Case Or Digipak?

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Guest Idioteque

Tell me if you want the songs too, there's not alot to them.

All You Sons & Daughters,
Matthew Good: Vocals, Guitars
Blake Manning: Drums, Percussion
Bones Hillman: Bass
Anthony Wright: Piano, Keyboards
Warne Livesey: Keyboards



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I got my copy in today and it's signed!! I also got someone else's copy, so if anyone knows anyone from Virginia who didn't get theirs, let them know I probably have it. (I already sent him an email though, so hopefully he'll get his copy soon)

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There's just something about having a hard copy of lyrics in liner notes. You should see my Underdogs, BM and Avalanche CD's lol. They've been "handled" many many many times. :)

Oh I definitely agree!


Plus, in the past, with WLRRR as well as other bands who have put their lyrics on their Websites, I've seen typos and wrong lyrics. Nothing major I know. But I do get and commend the decision of not printing lyrics. Not only is it cheaper for the artist but it's better for the environment (and, let's be honnest, lyrics are read a couple of times until you learn the whole song and then the booklet is never opened again :P) 

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In this day and age, if I go out and spend $15 or whatever on a CD when I could very easily pirate it because I want to support the artist at the very least give me the damn lyrics in the booklet...it only amounts to about an extra 11x8" page of paper.  I call bullshit on "we want to save paper for the environment, go online" stuff, it's usually about reducing production costs by the record company.  They're even missing all the lyrics to "Cloudbusting" on mg.org for fuck's sake.


Oh and thanks for the replies everyone.  Mine's also a Digipak from HMV.

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Edit to above:  I now realize that "Cloudbusting" is a cover song and therefore Matt may not have the rights to post the lyrics on his website, or they can be found elsewhere, so forgiven.

It's the same for Moon Over Marin/True Love in the lyrics book. Just gives the songwriters.

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