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Matthew Good (Band) Elimination

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Results From Group E

1) In Love With a Bad Idea 4 vs Prime Time Deliverance 16

2) Jenni’s Song 13 vs A Long Way Down 7

3) Poor Man’s Grey 10 vs It’s Been a While Since I Was Your Man 10*

4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 18 vs Hopeless 2

5) Look Happy It’s The End of the World 10 vs Fearless 10*

6) Buffalo Seven 9 vs Flight Recorder From Viking Seven 11


*=because they tied, I used the first vote tiebreaker. Whatever the final tied score is, whichever song reaches that tally first gets the win. i.e. PMG and IBAWSIWYM both had 10, but IBAWSIWYM got to the 10 first.



1) So Long Mrs Smith vs Truffle Pigs

---So Long Mrs Smith lost in round 1, to Strange Days 14-3 in MGB March Madness.

---Truffle Pigs made it to round 2, losing to Running For Home 16-7 in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Truffle Pigs

Prediction: Truffle Pigs should easily return to round 2.


2) Omissions of the Omen vs Put Out Your Lights

---Omissions of the Omen made it to the top 10, losing 13-8 vs Born To Kill in MGB March Madness.

---Put Out Your Lights is making its debut

My Pick: Omissions of the Omen

Prediction: Omissions wont be going home any time soon.


3) Pony Boy vs Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

---Pony Boy is making its debut

---Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production lost 7-6 in round 1 against Pledge of Allegiance in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Pony Boy

Prediction: Pony Boy.. it’s so awesome it’s giving me a headache


4) Double Life vs We’re So Heavy

---Double Life went 1-17 in round 1 against Advertising on Police Cars in MGB March Madness.

---We’re So Heavy is making its debut.

My Pick: We’re So Heavy

Prediction: We’re So Heavy.. it’s best track from WLRRR vs worst track off Avalanche


5) Enjoy The Silence vs Antipop

---Enjoy The Silence finished 2-12, losing to Flashdance II in round 1 of MGB March Madness.

---Antipop lost in round 1 against Avalanche by a 10-4 score in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Antipop

Prediction: Antipop.. it goes into the pickup lines thread. Youre not my girl youre just tired.


6) Little Terror vs North American For Life

---Little Terror is making its debut.

---North American For Life is also making its debut.

My Pick: North American For Life

Prediction: North American For Life.. it’s just so easy to listen to.


Group G matchups will be up Saturday Sept 12.

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I dont Graham, We're So Heavy could do quite well..

on the other message board, when they had survivor going on for each album, We're So Heavy took the victory for WLR&RR album.


*in case anyones interested the other winners were:

LOTGA - Omissions of them Omen

Underdogs - Prime Time Deliverance

Beautiful Midnight - A Boy and His Machine Gun

Audio of Being - Truffle Pigs (how it beat Tripoli and AoPC I dont know)

Avalanche - Avalanche (yes.. it even beat Weapon!)

WLRRR - We're So Heavy

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1) Truffle Pigs

2) Omissions of the Omen

3) Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

4) We’re So Heavy (my favorite song in this album)

5) Antipop (very difficult this one because I love the "Enjoy the silence" version)

6) Little Terror (for sure)

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