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Guest Idioteque

Damn, tough one.


Depends how you rank rarest, hardest to get or most expensive.


I have every TOOL album on vinyl including an original pressing of Opiate & Aenima, most TOOL albums are bootlegs though so collecting them can be hard.


Original pressing of Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins, I've seen go for a pretty penny, very limited too.


2 sealed & signed Avalanche records, I don't even need to say the rent money I could get for those but I'll be buried with them no doubt.


Man I have tons of stuff, my instagram is:




I have about 20% of my vinyl on there, the rest I'm too lazy to take photos of.


When it comes to rare but with barely any value then original pressings of a few Pearl Jam albums, 45's of Johnny Cash & Led Zeppelin. Obscure rare indie albums, 1st pressing type stuff.

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2 copies of Avalanche! Signed! I do need me to find a Cooy of that pumpkins record. I think when it comes to most expensive record I have is Pink Floyd Animals first UK pressing in mint. It plays so nice and like new. Next to that would be a box set by David Gilmour Live At Gdansk sealed. When it comes to rare stuff its the the records I get during record store day. I love my mono version of The Doors Strange Days.

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