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Record Player Recommendations

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Despite the fact that my vinyl collection is slowly growing, I started it as a collecting hobby (thank you Avalanche on ebay for 40 bucks 10 years ago!), but now I actually want a record player to listen to these bad boys.


I don't need anything super fancy, and compact if possible will be helpful as space in the apartment is limiting. Budgeting about $150 to $200 and I would be using a bass guitar amplifier as sound output (it has 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch inputs, which is nice for a practice amp).


This one caught my eye, but am willing to listen to other recc's



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Guest Idioteque

Urban Outfitters has them for $132, both prices are extremely cheap for a great company like Audio-Technica. For just a little bit more money (still in your price range) you can get the advanced version that has a USB drive to MP3 your records. 



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