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Anyone see this movie yet? I just saw it a couple days ago and I loved it! Really the best super hero movie I've seen in a long time. They really made up for how they portrayed him in the Wolverine movie, and even do a small reference to that in the movie. I don't want to spoil all the jokes and little things that appear in the movie but yeah, great movie, even if you don't know who Deadpool is in the comic books. Ryan Reynalds was born to play this role. 


The only thing I disliked was too much romance stuff. It had its moments but over all I think it was too much of it. I hope all Fox Marvel movies turn out the R rating. I even heard they might do an X Force movie which would be bad ass.

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I thought they did Deadpool right! I really enjoyed the movie. It was good seeing Hyrda Bob and A Helicarrier at the end. I hope someday that Marvel will get the rights back. Then we can see Deadpool mingle in the MCU!

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