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Sly Botts

Military Service

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Hey guys.  Has anyone on this forum spent time serving in the Military?  If so, how was your experience? Did you value it? Where did you serve? What was your trade?


I'll start.


I served as a reservist in the 49th Field Regiment RCA for 7 years as a field artillery Solider (Gunner/Bombardier) from 2006 thru to 2013.  I did not do any tours however many guys/gals from my regiment did. I saw my experience as a positive one and I value it.  Lots of good times, not so good times, good friends, comradery and life enriching.  I would recommend serving in the reserves to any 16-18 year old Canadian who's looking for something positive in their life, that will teach them skills, self esteem and discipline which will also give them some money to save or spend on the side.


Yeah it sounds corny but it's true.  I miss it allot but I just couldn't fit it into my life any more.


Anyone else?

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I'll chime in on this one.  I've never been in the military myself but my ex's family was all military.  I'll talk about it from this perspective:  being the spouse in a military family, yet not coming from that background myself was slightly disconcerting.  It was like they all shared a secret that I could never be a part of, yet none of them had really great things to say about the military when you did get them talking.  In fact, they are the most dissatisfied lot of people I have ever come in contact with:  not mean, just generally irritated by life in general. I feel that this is part of their family culture to be cynical, and it's part that I actually enjoyed to some extent, though their experiences in service seemed to heighten their sense of dissatisfaction with life.


I don't think this would be everyone's experience by any stretch, and am happy that you had a great experience Mike!

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Thanks for your service.  


I wish now that I had joined the army when I was younger.  I have no desire to be in the infantry or anything, but would have loved to have been in some sort of technical profession.  They give you an education for free, basically.  If I had been smarter when younger, I could have.

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