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Matt Good Tracks On Your Personal Charts

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Whether it's iTunes, Last.fm, Spotify or whatever other streaming service you have, you might have your tracks ranked by number of plays. I've been signed up to this site Last.fm since like 2005 and it's tracked my listening since then. There have been times when it hasn't worked of course so the numbers aren't exact, but it does kind of give you a good idea of what you listen to most.


Here's my top 10 MGB and Matt Good charts from 2005 - Present:


Matthew Good Band


1. Fearless (684 Plays)

2. Suburbia (474)

3. She's Got A New Disguise (436)

4. Running For Home (362)

5. The Fine Art of Falling Apart (361)

6. Native Son (346)

7. The War Is Over / Omissions of the Omen (276)

8. Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance (231)

9. Fated (223)

10. Load Me Up (209)


Matthew Good


1. Last Parade (324 Plays)

2. She's In It For The Money (289)

3. Non Populus (265)

4. Born Losers (240)

5. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man (225)

6. 99% Of Us Is Failure (218)

7. While We Were Hunting Rabbits (189)

8. Moon Over Marin (182)

9. The Boy Who Could Explode (174)

10. The Devil's In Your Details (174)


What these rankings tell me is yes I am a melancholy person... :|...but there a couple of reasons why things place where they do. First I play some playlists more than others within iTunes and there are Matt Good songs scattered in there (running playlist, working/reading playlist...etc). Second as I said this is over the course of like 11 years and so the numbers are pretty high in general. But as you can see I never lied in all the times I've said on this board that I'm a big LOTGA fan!


Anyway if you have something like this feel free to share your "charts" with us.

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I just have everything saved in iTunes under Matthew Good because that makes it easier for me.


Sort of a Protest Song - 617

A Single Exploson - 474

99% of Us is Failure - 373

Born Losers - 358

Giant - 353

Odette - 352

Suburbia - 347

Tripoli - 343

The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production - 335

Weapon - 330


There was a time when I wasn't using last.fm (and still don't really use it now) so I imagine in the grand scheme of things, I think songs like Mildred and Lights of Endangered Species would have a crack at the top 10. I think what this chart shows for me (other than my love for BM and AOB) is that Hospital Music is probably my third most listened to album of Matt's career.


I know all time, I've probably listened to SOAPS well over 1000 times, and I think I would probably be close to 1000 on A Single Explosion.

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Cool man. There was a while when I didn't use iTunes so those numbers aren't accurate for me. The numbers can also get messed up when you switch out one file for another.


For the record I don't actually use Last.fm for anything. I used it a little in 2010-2012 to stream music at work (I actually did find some new bands I like through that method). But in general I've just had an account for years and just look at it from time to time out of curiosity. I

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I've been using Last.fm track my own music listening since 2009.  During that time, it would have recorded the vast majority of my listening.  In 2009 I was primarily using iTunes to listen to music, then I got onto Rdio for a long time and now Spotify (since Rdio shut down).  All of these things have been hooked up to Last.fm.  I really should see if I can export this data, I'm afraid one day Last.fm will disappear and take all this data with it.  I really like looking at every now and then, seeing what I was into at what times etc. It's like Google Analytics for my music listening haha.


Matthew Good Band:


1. Apparitions (131)

2. Hello Time Bomb (129)

3. Load Me Up (122)

4. Prime Time Deliverance (122)

5. Invasion 1 (121)

6. A Boy and His Machine Gun (119)

7. Look Happy, It's the End of the World (118)

8. The Future is X-Rated (115)

9. My Out of Style is Coming Back (108)

10. Jenni's Song (99)


Matthew Good:


1. On Nights Like Tonight (129)

2. A Single Explosion (112)

3. It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man (112)

4. Empty Road (103)

5. Girls in Black (89)

6. I'm a Window (84)

7. Last Parade (84)

8. A Silent Army in the Trees (82)

9. Put Out Your Lights (80)

10. Alert Status Red (76)

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I got a new computer in September because my old laptop died, so the counts are all pretty modest again. Also my darn iPhone keeps resetting itself.


But on my old iPod Born Losers was at 684. And Arrows of Desire was at 1211 on my old laptop before it died (but I think a glitch must've happened cause that is *so* high. It was like that 3 weeks after the album came out soooo). Suburbia was somewhere in the 300s. Guns of Carolina was about 200.


those are the only ones I can specifically remember though


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