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Memories Of Mgb At Edgefest?

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Heading up to Toronto shortly to see GNR tonight with a buddy who scored tix last minute for I guess a decent price, different story, but anyway, this is the same friend who went with me to Edgefest in 2000.  We were pretty young and we didn't really get too far in the mix of the crowd but got to hear MGB live for the first time.  And we were talking about this last night and I thought I'd ask if anyone had any memories of those Edgefest concerts?  Was it 98, 99 and then 2000 they played there?  Anyone have any cool stories or just a review from one of those years?

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Reading all the old stories about Edgefest remind me of Woodstock. I wish I could have seen MGB live.

Are there old reviews on this site about it? Didn't see any when I searched but could have missed it.

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Cool, was so new to just being out at concerts at that young age that it was hard to take all that in at the time. I had a throwaway camera, pretty sure the pics got thrown away with the camera, those weren't exactly made for distance lol. And the MGB shirts that I had back then and have no idea what happened to....smh. But thanks for sharing, can't believe how long ago that was.

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