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Wanted - Matthew Good (Band) Singles And Promo Albums

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Hi, I'm looking to add some more stuff to my ever growing collection and I was wondering if anyone is looking to part with anything from their collection.


Right now I have:

-LotGA on Independant Label (the one with the same album art)

-Raygun in carboard sleeve

-Lo-Fi B-Sides

-Loser Anthems (Orange)

-Loser Anthems (Blue)

-Beautiful Midnight (Advanced German release)

-Beautiful Midnight (mini CD w/ Snippets)

-Beautiful Midnight (U.S. Version)

-The Audio of Being (all three colours w/ lyrics booklet)

-Avalanche (Alternate colour cover)

-WLRRR ( Digipak)

-Hello Time Bomb (US Single)
-Strange Days (Atlantic US Single)

-Load Me Up (Single w/ Jenni's Song)

-The Future is X-Rated (Single)

-IAWCC (Canadian Single)

-Black Helicopter (Single)


If anyone has any singles, promo cd's or other rarities they are looking to part with, send me a message or reply here with the item and what you want for it.


Thanks :)

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Wanted to update my want list if anyone is interested in selling as I have found some of what I was looking for.


Albums :

LOTGA - Alternate Artwork

Raygun - Self Released, not in cardboard

Beautiful Midnight Promo Albums (I only have a few of these)


Singles :

Everything is Automatic




Strange Days (Black Artwork version)

Hello Time Bomb (Aussie EP)






Near Fantastica


Alert Status Red

In Love With a Bad Idea



Oh Be Joyful


Born Losers

I'm a Window


Last Parade

US Remains Impossible


In a Place of Lesser Men





Lights of Endangered Species


Any of the demo tapes



If any one has any of these and is willing to part with them, let me know! And since Adam_777 asked first, please message him first :)

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