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Question for Matt: Creative Process with Beautiful Midnight Revisited

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As we get more sneak peaks, and access to clips, and singles on iTunes etc... I've started to think a lot about the music. I was wondering, with a project like this where you're reworking previous songs, did you sit down and go "Okay. Today I'm going to re-think Suburbia" and then thought about different riffs and melodies and arrangements etc. Or did you approach it with the new tune in mind on its own, and then thought about which songs might fit the tune/riff/idea that you had in mind?


I guess I'm just wondering how you would approach something like this, when the songs are each already establish, stand-alone entities, loved by many. If you scrap what you already know (lyrics aside of course) and just start over fresh, or build from the existing song out. Or maybe both of those things? Oh, or if it was like a mutual brain-storm with Stu, Blake, Bones, Warne etc in the studio, or if you went in already knowing what your vision was.


It's a really neat project. I'm interested how it all came together I guess.

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