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New Album 2017

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I'm hoping they play Bad Guys Win, I'm curious how that song would come across live.

I was hoping for that too. Great song. Hopefully they'll play it on the tour in the new year.


Really enjoyed getting to see the concert though. Made for a good little something to look forwards to this evening. The fact that Matt and his PR team went through the effort to stream it for everyone- for free no less- who couldn't be there was really appreciated.


Hearing the new songs live was an interesting experience. Really liked the energy from Days Come Down (especially Blakes drumming) and appreciated it a lot more than the fade out studio version which I'm kind of "meh" about (the ending for this one was much more fitting, imo). I've heard new songs for the first time live before, but that was when I was actually there in person. Hearing them on speakers in my study- but live instead of a studio version- was kind of cool. Stu, as usual, sounds fucking great on the guitar (almost a like he was channeling The Edge a little, lol) and everyone else was on point too. Matt and Peter sounded great and Blake's energy was as always a great addition. And not that it matters but Matt is looking good too, haha. The hair cut works for him.


Does anyone know what song they played after the feed cut out?

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This is Night appears to include the lead guitar from The Lone Gunman. Has anybody discussed this yet? I noticed Matt mentioned he had that riff floating around in his mind from around 2007 on the acoustic tour.



The second i started listening to the song, I realized the same thing

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Thanks for this... My CD hasn't arrived yet and I'm anxious to hear the new songs!!!


At least the streaming from yesterday allows me to listen to some (just love how Men at The Door sounds live!).


Didn't get a chance to see it streamed live at the office but nice to hear MG gave us a shout out lol.


The stream appears to be up on MG's YouTube:


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I gotta say that streaming video as an album launch party is absolutely awesome and I so appreciate it.  Pretty unique.  Plus I love being called seedy by one of my favourite musicians, pretty much what I've spent my life working towards...that is my platinum album.  Really loving how these songs are translating live.  Am I right in assuming we'll be waiting awhile for a tour? With nothing announced yet, and the fact most of Matt's tours are about 6-8 weeks, I can't see anyone wanting to tour through X-mas so I'm guessing it'll be something for the new year.  

After talking to the band on the last tour and the comments for Matt, this was my most anticipated album of his since Vancouver and it's living up to that hype. Gotta spend more time with it to really get a good feel for what stands out, really looking forward to doing that.  

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The live stream was really cool.  I didn't listen to the performances, because I'm going to listen to the album start to finish a few times before I go back and rewatch it.  The haircut suits him.  The shout out to the site was pretty cool.  Matt is a guy who genuinely appreciates his fans, from what I can tell.

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I think I am going to stop looking at the site until I get my copy of the CD next week because I am getting too nervous reading you guys commenting on the new songs... and I haven't been able to listen to them yet!!! :P

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In the late 70’s and 80’s fadeouts were how many songs ended. Given that, the fadeouts on the record were done on purpose, reminiscent of those times.

That's exactly what I was thinking! So many of my 80's cassettes had songs that ended in fade-outs!

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Just started my listen-through on Spotify. VERY excited! From the sounds of you guys, this could be one of his best albums in years!


I don't care when the tour is, I will be there. And if he doesn't come to Regina, I'll make the trip to Winnipeg or Edmonton again. :)

So I told my girlfriend that the new album is out, and I guess she decided to listen to it at work. In the past she has been an avid opponent of MG's music, lol, except for one or two of his older songs. However, I've been dragging her to shows across western Canada over the last 3 years, and she REALLY liked Cloudbusting and a few of the tracks off of Chaotic Neutral. She was excited because we were in Winnipeg and he sang right next to her for Army of Lions. 


Anyway, she just finished the album and says she really liked it, and especially liked Something Like a Storm. This is really surprising for me, as she normally listens to rap and poppy music. So, a win for MG I guess! She was a guaranteed ticket at future shows anyway thanks to me, but now she will be enjoying it! 


As for me, I'm loving the album. Just listening to Bullets in a Briefcase as I type this, and it's beautiful. Standouts for me have been Bad Guys Win, Days Come Down, and Bullets in a Briefcase.

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Just finished my first listen and I'm amazed at how solid it is front to back.  I avoided listening to Bad Guys Win or Decades a lot over the last few months as I wanted to keep everything fresh and each song was like a surprise.  This album will be repeated a lot in the weeks ahead to appreciate the nuances and unpack some of the heavier songs.  I found myself bobbing my head along to every song or performing air drums so that's a good sign I enjoyed this a lot.  


I feel spoiled as a fan that MG can continue to release music and still surprise us time and time again.  The year started with hearing Running For Home live and it ends with Bullets in a Briefcase, that's pretty special.  

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Would be willing to wait till Spring for a tour, to avoid having to line up early in the freezing cold for general admission shows. Just saying. #teamWarmth


Alan said the new year for the tour, so it could be a little warmer, especially by the time he gets to Ontario.

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I will likely to a more comprehensive review later but after 4-5 listens (the pleasures of working from home)  I came to the following conclusions


This is Night is amazing. Probably my favorite song on the album and it would be an injustice for this song not to be a single at some point.


Bullets in a Briefcase-  Also a stunning portrait to end the album. I think this song could be a live staple for yrs to come.Perfect way to cap the album.


Decades-  I'm just not sold on this song. I am a fan of the Police and get the similarities but something about this song just doesn't scream Matt Good to me.


Met at the Door- phenomenal. Loved the acoustic version from the winery recording and love the album version just as much.This song screams Matt Good to me.


There the First Time-  in my opinion one of the albums weaker tracks. Not a bad song by any means but with an album of 9 songs and 7 of them being amazing, this one kind of stands out to me.


Bad Guys Win-  Loved the song from the demo to the album version. Perfect song for the world we currently live in.


Something Like a Storm- a musical masterpiece.  One of those rare songs in that the music speaks louder than the vocals and lyrics. Matt nailed this song.


In a world where everything is at our fingertips  this is an album I am happy that I paid for.  Matt deserves every single penny for the work he put in on this.  I anxiously await the tour and even though he likely won't come to the states I await the recordings produced.


Thank you Matt,Warne, and the band for producing a great album.

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