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Random: Ever wonder if it all just becomes a blur living on a bus - or does most of the country end up feeling somewhat like home?

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I can't help but wonder how rare / unique Matt's perspective of the country is.

We all have a map in our head of both home and the places we visit - but few will ever tour the country countless times over 20 years.

I wonder what associations Matt makes with the cities he plays the most...the venues, the crowds, the food in the green rooms...etc...

After countless tours what becomes memorable? Would one remember smashing their Guitar at Canada's Wonderland or is that just a random night at the office?

Does somewhere like Hamilton become the stop with the theatre that looks like the inside of a 70's spaceship - or is it more "the night before Toronto" - perhaps something more along the lines of - "Yup smells like we are in Hamilton..." 

The map of Canada in Matt's head would make for an interesting / fun feature article - if not an amazing book. 


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