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New Dear San Diego

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Guest Idioteque

As much as Matt likes to crap on his books, the guy is a brilliant writer. From his lyrics to his political blogs to just random thoughts, they are always written on par with some of the best authors out there.


Maybe if he ever officially retires from music, this could be his second calling. One of my favorite people out there is Henry Rollins. I cannot stand any of his music outside of early Black Flag, but the books he pumps out are unbelievable.


For me personally I've always wanted an autobiography from Matt, there is decades of untouched stories & behind the scenes scenarios most fans would love to hear.

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Yeah Matt's always been an amazing writer. He might not like his old songs but there are great lyrics on there. He's a great multidisciplinary artist (painting, writing, music) and I would love it if he'd become a writer. If he'd ever retire from music, he would certainly keep writing (because that's what artists do) so I hope he puts them out there!

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I believe the Dear San Diego were never archived per se. But if you're interested in his writing, I'm certain some of us can give you the Manifestos from the late 90's early 00's and others. But I don't know if it's allowed (Anton?). That's because Matt actually published a book with them titled At Last There's Nothing Left To Say.

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