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Decades: song and video discussion

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Thought I'd start a thread since save for a couple comments in the new album thread (and a couple when Matt introduced it live earlier this year) I haven't seen much discussion here about either the song or video (both of which are fantastic in my opinion).


So yeah, just curious what everyone thinks of the final versions.


For my own part, I was really happy to hear how the studio version turned out. I loved the intro and verses when I first heard it live, but wasn't entirely sold on the chorus. The way it came off on the videos was a little too heavy imo with the rythem guitar Matt was playing to the point where it sounded like a generic rock chorus. The studio version sounds like the chord progression Matt was doing live has almost entirely been muted out and replaced with the lead, bass, and the subtle background rythem u can hear during the verses which helped it sustain the 80s new wave feel to it. Plus, aside from having an intense feel to it thanks to the intro, it manages to pull off a really hopeful vibe in the chorus and outro (which is pretty cool considering the outro is the same as the intro, but just with a different bass line).


As far as the video goes, I'd argue it's definitely one of the better one's of Matt's career. The cinematography is of course an obvious highlight, but I love the metaphor and symbolism of all the different landscapes the kid and older gentleman (who I assume are supposed to be the same person, but just at different ages) are stuck in: earth (forest), water (the sea, after what looks like their ship or boat was destroyed), winter (running through a dark, snowy blank night), desert, and ...suburbia(?). What that symbolism is I'm not entirely sure yet, lol, but I like that it gets you thinking. That's not to mention that the kid and adult actors both do pretty decent jobs in their parts.

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