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After almost a year sitting installed on my computer, barely touched, I finally Finished Fallout 4 last month. Honestly... I was disappointed. I pretty much had to force myself to finish it. Glad I waited until it was on sale to get it in the first place. One thing that really disappointed me, was that no matter what dialogue choice you picked when interacting with NPC's, the result was pretty much always the same. You end up at the same ending and the only solution to most problems was to shoot my way out. The overuse of Radiant Quests was rather dull and the dialogue had lost most of the wit and nuance that the previous games had too. I guess it's got its strengths, it just could have been better RPG wise IMO. (Why make an open ended sandbox type game but not allow for creativity when completing quests?) I don't think I'll bother with the DLC unless someone can make a convincing argument.

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