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Days Come Down

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Just listening to the actual album on Spotify, thankfully the mixes sound much better.  It seems to me there might have been an issue with the files used by Spotify for the single releases?  I'm not totally sure, but it sounds like that to me.  Seems they fixed it with the actual release, so that's good.

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Now. It is important for me to state I have no clue what the song is actually about. I could be completely wrong. But I hardly think it matters as this is how I interpret it given my own life experiences and thoughts on mortality, etc. That is the reason I included personal anecdotes. I've never asked Matt what the meaning of a particular song is as I presume he would say listeners would be wise to interpret the lyrics as they see fit and however it resonates with their own lives. This has actually made Matt's music more powerful for me. Personally once I know too much about what a song is about it sometimes takes away that beautiful mystique of uncertainty.




And I think he'd agree with you on that point, from past interviews! A big believer in the mystique of the artist and in allowing lyrics to remain subject to your interpretation.


Even still, your interpretation is pretty on point, especially the bit about the mags and cigs

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