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Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Results From Group E

1) So Long Mrs Smith 4 vs Truffle Pigs 14

2) Put Out Your Lights 2 vs Omissions of the Omen 16

3) Pony Boy 4 vs Worker Sing a Song of Mass Production 14

4) We’re So Heavy 12 vs Double Life 6

5) Enjoy The Silence 8 vs Antipop 10

6) Little Terror 7 vs North American For Life




1) Middle Class Gangsters vs Weapon

---Middle Class Gangsters went 4-7, losing in the first round against Tripoli in MGB March Madness

---Weapon made it to the FINAL FOUR in MGB March Madness, losing to Suburbia 15-10.

My Pick: Weapon for sure

Prediction: Weapon should take it easily,


2) Annabelle vs Invasion 1

--- Annabelle is making its debut

--- Invasion 1 lost in round 1, losing 14-4 to Prime Time Deliverance in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Annabelle

Prediction: Annabelle…. Invasion 1 is quite possible the weakest track on that album


3) Man of Action vs Born To Kill

---Man of Action lost in round 2, to none other than Born To Kill in MGB March Madness.


My Pick: Man of Action (I’m not too impressed with BTK being the champ)

Prediction: I guess Born To Kill since it DID win last time.


4) Strangest One of All vs 21st Century Living

---Strangest One of All was knocked out in round 1 by Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance in MGB March Madness

---21st Century Living lost to the Fine Art of Falling Apart in round 1, 7-6, in MGB March Madness

My Pick: 21st Century Living (such a tough choice!)

Prediction: 21st Century Living.. you just gotta love the supersizing everything


5) Failing The Rorschach Test vs Song For The Girl

---Failing The Rorschach Test made it into the top 20, before losing 13-10 to Born To Kill in MGB March Madness.

---Song For The Girl lost in round 1, 14-4 against Near Fantastica(Acoustic) in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Failing The Rorschach Test

Prediction: It could be 20-0 for FTRT.


6) Advertising on Police Cars vs Let’s Get It On

---Advertising on Police Cars made it to the top 10, before losing 13-8 to Giant.

---Let’s Get it On lost 14-3 to Symbolistic White Walls in Round 1 of MGB March Madness

My Pick: Advertising on Police Cars (if it was almost any other song.. I would have picked Let’s Get It On..)

Prediction: Advertising on Police Cars could also pickup a shutout.


Group H (aka the FINAL round 1 group) matchups will be up Monday Sept 13

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