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2018 Vinyls - April 6th

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Just moved into the new house and having a chance to listen to these. 


I really wish that I didn’t have to flip sides on AOB between Tripoli and Advertising. 

Advertising alone is worth this purchase though. Blown away.

I love the balance between vocals and instrumentation on This album in particular. 

(Edit for typos because delirious from renovating and moving)

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On 10/19/2018 at 9:47 PM, crthiel said:

Is WLRRR ever going to come out on vinyl? 

He referenced it recently on IG so hopefully. 




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Obviously there is still a few albums that are waiting release/re-release in a third and probably final run.

White Light Rock and Roll Review


Lights of Endangered Species

Arrows of Desire

These are the studio albums that are not in print and are the most likely to still get released. Obviously  WLRRR review is the most sought after as it is now the only studio album to not see a vinyl release. Im not sure where an Arrows release stands as unlike the rest of these reissues that album wasn't recorded on the Universal label. 

I doubt the two greatest hits albums will see any release although I would love to have Rooms on vinyl. I'd also love to see Massey Hall,  but that would probably need to be a four record set and that kind of thing just might not be financially feasible as judging by the two record sets it would probably be priced over $75 making it a limited interest release in a series of records already defined as limited interest.

The fact that the first two vinyl series contained all the albums that were in high demand on vinyl worries me that the third series could easily be dropped as the remaining records are definitely not ones considered Matt's most successful from a sales point of view.  like many here I am fortunate to have Vancouver Lights and Arrows (although id buy the re-release too) so WLRRR is the only one I am really desperate for, especially since sonically it is probably the MG album most suited for the vinyl format. 


There was about 18 months between the first and second series and we're only about six months since the last release so based on that I could see a potential fourth quarter release in 2019. Although id love to be wrong and get them sooner.


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Doubtful anything but WLRRR gets printed again.  Wish they did but not expecting it.

I bought 2 copies of LOES on vinyl when it came out.  Now I can't find them in my house and haven't seen them for years LOL.  I remember bringing one of them or maybe both to a concert in Ottawa at the NAC to get one of them signed during the LOES tour (but didn't bother getting it signed).  I wonder if I left one or both of them at the concert venue LOL.

That sucks because it would really sound awesome on vinyl i bet, one of my fav albums, i never got to listen to it on vinyl before i misplaced it.

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