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Matt's 2009 Ongoing History of New Music episode now on Youtube

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So question, is there a reason you post things that you got from my site as if you found them somewhere else?


I know I don't own them, which is why I don't have tags/watermarks on them, but its slightly (leaning towards very) annoying the way you post here about "finding" these things with no mention of where you grabbed them.

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Hey, just saw this comment. 

I don't post these things as if I found them from somewhere other than your site. All I'm saying is that I found them. I guess I should give more credit as to where I got these things. If I haven't said it yet, thank you very much for your site. As an MG superfan, I really appreciate all the great stuff you've made accessible through your site. And by the way, I did mention your site as the source of the MGB MMM Bio I uploaded to Youtube in the comment section of the YT video.

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