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Sly Botts

Celebrating Obesity is irresponsible.

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I agree with this article.  I can't believe that people are falling for the "fat but fit" trend.  The science is in, Obesity is not healthy, and if you're "fat but fit" you still have an increased risk for heart disease.  Obesity is the second leading cause of life-style related cancers!  It's irresponsible to celebrate being obese just to save hurt feelings.

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I think that this is primarily an issue of terminology. Are we taking about "obese" as it pertains to BMI (body mass index)? Or simply by the way that someone's body is shaped. Some people eat healthy and exercise moderately and are still "fat", and that is partially genetics and cant be changed with any amount of lifestyle related intervention. At the end of the day, these people probably still have an increased chance of heart related issues, cancer or diabetes but there is only so much you can do.

I don't think the telling these people to work exponentially harder than the regular person to control diet and exercise is helpful. However, promoting poor eating habits and sedentary behaviour is certainly detrimental to the individual as well as to society. I think that eduction as opposed to social movements or advertising is much more helpful (as the message is often misconstrued one way or the other). 

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