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Bush? Kerry?

Who do you think is gonna win the November USA elections?  

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  1. 1. Who do you think is gonna win the November USA elections?

    • Bush
    • Kerry

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I used to think that kerry had a chance- but now i doubt it.

I know i dont have a right to say anything because I'm just a fucking canadian immigrant. (excuse my french). If bush wins then i will honestly be worried for the entire world. Bush didn't even win the last election, he APPARENTLY lost by 500,000 votes (i believe was the number),if thats true, then will he pull the same thing again?

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at least now Kerry - finally - has said that Iraq's war was an error, at least he's not being ambiguous (for the first time he's the candidate) and I hope this attracks more votes for him (obviously he's not saying that right not "by chance"... i'm sure it is a political strategy... but at least he said that...)

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