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My dream Avalanche

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Of all MG/B records, Avalanche has to be my least favourite, not because the songs are crap, but because of how it was produced. But hearing the songs live made me think of how the album could've been. So here's how I'd have loved to see (or heard) Avalanche:


1. Pledge Of Allegiance (live version: piano, guitar lead at end)

2. Lullaby For The New World Order (starts like live version with piano, 2nd verse like album with strings)

3. Weapon (album)

4. In A World Called Catastrophe (album, without the dragging ending)

5. Avalanche (live version: rockin solo sections)

6. 21st Century Living (album, with live Bush speaking parts)

7. While We Were Hunting Rabbits (album, without the dragging ending)

8. Bright End Of Nowhere (album)

9. Near Fantastica (live version: much more rockin)

10. Song For The Girl (album)

11. Double Life (album)

12. Long Way Down (live version: much more rockin)

13. House Of Smoke & Mirrors (album)

14. Comfortable Criminals

Bonus track: 4 Minute Mile


Any comments are welcome, or post your own tracklist.



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I just enjoy the whole album in general, lol. i think what made it so much better live was that the orchestra was gone and replaced by loud gibson guitars, which makes it quite a bit louder and heavier. oh well. he should do a live CD versoin.

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