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VIP for upcoming shows

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I’ve been to a few. They’ve varied in content for each one, so it depends what you’re looking for. I haven’t checked the site yet, but usually where u buy the tickets it explains what the ticket will include for that purchase. 

The 2015 one included getting to see the sound check, a signed lanyard, and a chance to ask Matt some questions. The 2018 one included the sound check again, but no question and answer session (I think Matt was too tired given his illness. Him and the band just hung out for a little bit after, took a pic with the entire group, and then left). I wasn’t there for the 2019 tour, but the q and a session was brought back for that one. 

And wow, 93 eh? U must be one of the longest running fans I’ve ever heard of. Did u see him live back in the early 90s solo or with the pre MGB band? Or even in the mid 90s when he had just started MGB

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93' you say... that a pretty long time good to see a dedicated fan on the site. You must have some of the very rare Matthew Good items. I'm actually looking for the Indie release of Raygun. As for the VIP experience its an absolute must it will give you the opportunity to have some of you collectives to be autographed. Has anyone noted how the MG signature has changed over the years as at one time it was signed MFG and now its simply MG. Do the older style signatures hold more value? What if you could get one of his Solo albums singed with the old style signature would it make it more authentic and or valuable?  

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I did the last few VIPs. The sound check is a wonderful experience. One time they did a chat afterward and on the solo tour Matt took a Q & A. 

In my opinion the biggest advantage is the early entry, and this is only applicable if you are going to a GA venue and value being in the front.

Last year a guy did ask to get something autographed but I don’t know that this is the norm for Matt any longer, with trying to keep healthy during the tour. 

This years swag is I think an autographed set list, which is a weird thing to have before seeing the show. Usually there is a tour poster but the price seems to have gone down so that’s cool. I think there is definitely also a difference between full band vs solo experience.

If you’ve never done it before and have the cash to spend, I would go for it. 

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