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Newbie Ice Breaker - Favorite Tracks (Almost) Never Played Live

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Hi everyone! Matt's been my all-time favourite musician for well over 20 years now! I've been lurking here for well over a decade. Been lucky enough to see him perform 4 times (3 full band, 1 solo acoustic) since 2005. So for those who are aware of what his setlists tend to consist of -- what are your top 5 songs he almost never plays live? 

Here are mine, in no particular order, but doing two lists -- one for solo, one for MGB material.

MGB "Missing 5":

- Under the Influence

- Failing the Rorschach Test

- Alabama Motel Room

- Jenni's Song

- Let's Get it On


Matt Solo "Missing 5":

- 21st Century Living

- A Long Way Down

- On Nights Like Tonight

- I Am not Safer than a Bank (hokey I know)

- Little Terror


I'd love to see your choices! (And sorry if a similar thread is elsewhere and I missed it)


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Nice thread topic. Good to see some fresh discussion ideas in here! Looking at my MGB list, it becomes quite apparent that either my favorite MGB album is AOB or I have a lot of favorites on there that never get played, but I think it's the former ;). I've also noticed that it's a lot harder for me to pin down MG songs, because most songs from new releases get played on their respective tours.



- Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production. The first time he performed it live was in my hometown in ~2005 or so during the 2nd leg of the WLRRR tour. He played it a few other times on that tour but I sorely miss it.

- Man of Action. Super hard hitting riffs + soaring vocals, but I understand that he's mentioned that he doesn't have the range required to perform it in the original key. 

- Tripoli w/ full band. This was the first song I'd ever heard from MGB back in 2002 or so, and the gateway into MG becoming my favorite artist during my youth.

- Sort of a Protest Song w/ full band

- Change of Seasons. This was amazing on the recent solo acoustic tour, so I'd love to hear it its full power with a band.


- House of Smoke & Mirrors. I still remember "booting up" Avalanche on a PC and opening the special features to be greeted by the haunting piano interlude from this song while the album art hangs there. It's too bad I don't have the disc anymore.

- Big City Life from the live bootleg, before it got over-produced (IMO) on In A Coma. The live version had some special guitar improv that drove the atmosphere.

- She's Got You Where She Wants You. Probably my favorite from SLAS oddly enough. Love the guitar work on this one and the melancholic sweetness of it all.

- The Boy Come Home

- Set Me On Fire


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I have only seen Matt once, so I have little to offer here other than to say welcome to the Bored and that this is a great topic.


That being said. I would love to hear song like Set Me On Fire (which I hold in extremely high esteem), either with a the 'full-on' treatment, or even as a solo guitar/vocal number.


I can't wait to see the set lists begin to roll in from this upcoming tour. Buffalo here I come!

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The Avalanche tour back in '03 had the BEST run of 21st Century Living performances. There's some recordings of them floating around. 

In my eyes the Cayuga live version of Under the Influence with the extended jam at the end remains one of my favourite rare performances of his career. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_98KViyMk3Y

I'd love to hear more of Decades... that album didn't get the same tour treatment as the others, and it has some amazing songs. Hopefully they'll pop up from time to time. 

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