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Does the Apparitions music video still exist on the internet?

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It’s odd that the Apparitions music video is nowhere to be found on YouTube. I know it was there years ago, then disappeared. I think it was on Vimeo for a while after that. It currently appears to be nowhere on the internet. I found a couple Reddit threads asking this, and people were pointed to the video section here. The video player seems to be non-existent now, the flash component seems to be just gone, whether flash is enabled or not. Is this anywhere, or is the only way to order the In a Coma DVD from Amazon? It’s strange that’s it’s not on Matt’s official YouTube channel or even available from Apple Music.

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Definitely still works on this site if you have Flash installed.

e: Might be adblocking or browser security permissions around the site. Flash is pretty terrible tbh so modern software blocks it, just haven't had time to work on this site as much as when I was a kid.

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I can't seem to get the video to work on this site.  In Chrome, I have it set to ask me to allow flash (as opposed to blocking it completely), and the page doesn't trigger Chrome to ask to allow flash.  I made sure I had flash downloaded and tried Firefox, I can actually get the player to show in that case but the video never starts.  I'm a web developer myself, so it's definitely a challenge, I might be able to get it to work if I spent more time on it.  Flash is definitely horrible, Chrome at least will be dropping support for it completely at the end of this year, they already make you jump through a bunch of hoops to make it work.

It's too bad this video is so hard to track down, it was really well done, definitely my favourite music video and really enhances the song.  I haven't seen it in years at this point.  It definitely has some "adult themes" but nothing even close that would make YouTube ban it for that reason.

I'll ask in the NF+ Lounge.

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:53 AM, daniel_v said:

This may have been mentioned else where, but it looks like Everything is Automatic has been scrubbed as well, unfortunately. 

Videos in addition to albums over the last while. While Light Rock & Roll Review also disappeared from iTunes, but appears to be available to stream minus a couple songs. Arrows of Desire also had disappeared briefly. Raygun EP has been gone for while also.

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