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New Song on MG Site

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On 4/19/2020 at 4:34 PM, paulonious said:

guessing this isn't available for dl?

All 3 are now just in the link that Gweeps just shared above and are available for download.

I have to say that I'm liking both new songs. The piano and the bridge in Victory is Free are standouts to me and his use of strings and electronic elements in Back of the Tiger (on top of the themes touched on in the sound clips he used are pretty poignant. I like the fact that he used them from John. F. Kennedy who really was an incredibly president). Also have to say I'm always surprised by how proficient Matt is at using the drums in Garageband considering you have to be good at using a key board to produce them in first place which is not the easiest thing. 

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Wow. Just wow. For my money, Matthew Good is firing on all cylinders--i am absolutely loving this era of his career: Moving Walls just completely torpedoed me back into fandom-mode, and this "Crisis Airlines" collection? Wonderful ❤️

Not quite sure what I was anticipating prior to listening (maybe a few slightly north of average b-sides?), but this is something wholly separate from the place I imagined Good to be. As much I adore MW, what perhaps is fueling my excitement for MG's output even more is how quickly and effortlessly this little side project seems to've taken shape. The music is interesting, a wee bit playful, and delightfully unexpected/ unexpectedly delightful.

Now I'm wanting Good to forgo the album (only for a little while! ...you can put the pitchforks down ?) and create a slew of EPs... 

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I like Moving Walls, as a whole.

But I freaking LOVE this new experiment. I went into the two new tracks thinking they might be similar to daylight actual and then I was completely blown away. More of this please. 

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Totally agreed.  This is pretty awesome!  I love the unexpected variety, even some electronic stuff which is very unusual for Matt.  The sounds with those clips are a pretty nice effect.  I like all of them but Victory Is Free is the most fun.

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