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So I decided to come back to the Matthew Good community... only to find I'm not DudeLove721 anymore?

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So I listened to the online concert last Friday and was writing a review on my website... oh yeah, it can be found at 

https://www.blindluminations.com/streaming-through-the-side-door-my-review-of-matthew-goods-online-concert/ if you're interested.


Anyway, in double-checking some stuff online, I came across the site and thought it might be fun to re-engage with the community here. I went to register my account... which is impossible without sighted assistance because of the captcha... just saying... you guys might wanna look into it. I thought it would be cool to make a grand entrance with my original username DudeLove721... only to find out it's already in use? The hell?


So I'll be frank... I don't own a copyright on the name obviously and actually chose Ludicrosity upon registering here a long time ago. I don't remember why, but you can read me saying as much if you search for DudeLove721 in the forums. It's been so long that I might have even signed up as DudeLove721 before Ludicrosity, forgotten about it and just now realized there's a user with that name.


My point is that I've been DudeLove721 on Lenard's Massage Board, I've been DudeLove721 on the Amusement Park Accident forums, I've been DudeLove721 on The Metro and even on Matt's site itself. My name is Marc, I've been a fan since '98ish, went blind, yada, yada... whatever It's me.


What I'm asking though is: If the DudeLove721 account is mine and inactive, how can I get it back? If someone else is using my username... why did you steal it dude? That's kind of a dick move. (Oh and for those of you wondering why I don't use Ludicrosity, I don't have access to that e-mail anymore. Same goes for this DudeLove721 account if it's mine.)


I know people may call BS on this since it's my first post or not care because they don't know who the fuck I am in the first place, but this is legit. I wouldn't create a podcast and website with a domain just to further legitimize my identity. Those who talked to DudeLove721 in the past know my story (i.e. going blind and all that stuff.)


In closing, help make DudeLove721 great again... and um... let me become the President of Near Fantastica? No... just help me figure out this username thing... it'd be cool to know wtf is going on and get my MG community identity back if possible. Us SHOULDN'T remain impossible!

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Indeed. I originally thought he debuted on July 21 but didn't realize until several years later that the character's first official appearance was in '97, not '98. So the 721 in the name should've really been 722. Maybe I should have registered under that name. :(

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