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Matthew Good (Band) Elimination

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Results From Group G

1) Middle Class Gangsters 4 vs Weapon 17

2) Annabelle 8 vs Invasion I 13

3) Man of Action 9 vs Born To Kill 12

4) Strangest One of All 8 vs 21st Century Living 13

5) Failing The Rorschach Test 17 vs Song For The Girl 4

6) Advertising on Police Cars 14 vs Let’s Get It On 7




1) M Good v. M Trolley vs Man From Harold Wood

---M Good v M Trolley lost in round 1 against Load Me Up by a score of 13-1 in MGB March Madness.

---Man From Harold Wood lost 17-0 against Running For Home in round 1 of MGB March Madness..

My Pick: M Good v M Trolley..

Prediction: M Good v M Trolley without a problem


2) All Together vs Fated

--- All Together is making its debut.

--- Fated made it to the top 20, before losing 13-10 to Running For Home in MGB March Madness.

My Pick: Fated

Prediction: Fated by a small margin.


3) In a World Called Catastrophe vs Near Fantastica

---In a World Called Catastrophe lost 9-5 in round 1 of MGB March Madness against The Rat Who Would Be King

---Near Fantastica made it to round 2 of MGB March Madness, losing 14-4 against Apparitions.

My Pick: Near Fantastica

Prediction: NF by a lot.


4) Hello Time Bomb vs Cant Get Shot In The Back If You Don’t Run

---Hello Time Bomb made it to round 2, losing 14-4 to Sort of a Protest Song in MGB March Madness.

---CGSITBIYDR made it to the top 20, before losing 18-5 against Strange Days.

My Pick: Hello Time Bomb (no questions asked)

Prediction: Hello Time Bomb has to redeem itself.


5) Symbolistic White Walls vs Avalanche AKA THE BIGGEST BATTLE OF ROUND 1

---Symbolistic White Walls made it to the top 20, before losing 9-8 to Apparitions in MGB March Madness.

---Avalanche made it to round 2, losing to Failing The Rorschach Test 12-11 in a close batter from MGB March Madness.

My Pick: I had to think long and hard about it, but I’m going with Symbolistic White Walls.

Prediction: I’m flipping a coin. Heads = SWW / Tails = Avalanche….. coin says Avalanche


6) Flashdance II vs Empty Road

---Flashdance II made it to the top 20, before losing 15-8 to Weapon in MGB March Madness.

---Empty Road is making its debut.

My Pick: Wow this is a lot tougher to pick than I thought.. mmmm Flashdance II I guess,

Prediction: Going back to the coin! Heads =Flashdance2 / Tails = Empty Road… coin says Flashdance.. but I have a slight feeling it’ll be Empty Road.



We’ll be down to 48 songs!

Tune in on Thursday for Group A from Round 2!

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