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Looking for people to help with a podcast about Canadian bands/artists from the 90's

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Hey everyone, I'm brainstorming a new podcast idea and was hoping for some help from people who are knowledgeable on here. I want to start a show that focuses on different albums from Canadian artists in the 90's. I grew up a MuchMusic kid through grade school and high school, so it was a large influence on me. I don't think it's a stretch to say that Canadian music in the 90's was a lot more interesting and received way more support via outlets like Much, especially with someone like Denise Donlon (sp?) at the helm. The end result was a Canadian music scene that was a lot more vibrant where success wasn't based solely on making it in the states.


Maybe I'm talking out of my ass and it's nostalgia taking over. It's something I'd like to find out firsthand though. This whole thing is still very much in the embryonic stages at the moment but I will definitely need help getting it off the ground. I have limited resources (i.e. no money) and a limited knowledge of podcasting (I currently host Blind Luminations with my wife at https://www.blindluminations.com) but there is also room for improvement on my end. It's also a bit hard for me since I have been completely blind since fall 2001. This means visual elements on social media and even things like podcast/episode art get difficult.


So I'm looking for people who share a passion for Canadian music from this time period to help me with everything ranging from research to social media promotion and art. Being able to make audio sound good would be helpful as well but I'm looking to become more self-sufficient with that (it isn't that my current podcast sounds like crap or anything, you can listen for yourself. I'd just like it to sound a bit better and end up being more critical on my own audio quality.)


I'm hoping to tackle Beautiful Midnight in the first season. While I haven't figured out exactly what the format will be yet, I've toyed around with the idea of having just single episodes focusing on an album itself. Alternatively, one album could spin-off into several parts and multiple episodes. Using Beautiful Midnight as an example, you could do one episode setting things up and discussing where the band was in their career leading up to the release. The next episode could be about the album itself then be followed by an episode about what role the music videos played and then something else about the reception, how it spawned the online fan community along with its ultimate legacy.


So this is my general idea and I just wanted to see if there was any interest there. I've put together a master list of 87 Canadian bands/artists from the 90's and pasted it below. Some are obscure, which is something I want to add into the mix. Some may not be 90's really (I opened the suggestions up to friends and haven't had enough time to verify some of them yet) and I plan on adding french artists as well. I would like to showcase at least one per season because it's an important part of Canadian culture.


I'm planning to start a workgroup on Slack if people are indeed interested. Those who are will be able to join and we can exchange ideas there. Please leave a comment below if you are interested and I'll send you a P.M.. Here's the master list to conclude things:


3 Days Grace


Age Of Electric

Alanis Morrisette

Amanda Marshall


Ashley MacIsaac

Barenaked Ladies

Bif Naked

Big Wreck

Big Sugar


Blinker The Starr

Blue Rodeo

Bran Van 3000

Brian Adams

Buck 65

Chantel Kreviasuk


Crash Test Dummies

Danko Jones




Econline Crush


Eric's Trip

Finger 11

Front Line Assembly




Gordon Lightfoot

Grapes Of Wrath

Great Big Sea


Holly McNarland

I Mother Earth

Jann Arden

Jeff Healy

Jet Set Satellite

Jully Black

Kathleen Edwards

KD Lang



Matthew Good Band



Our Lady Peace


Richie Hawtin

Roch Voisine

Rose Chronicles

Rufus Wainwright


Sarah Harmer

Sarah McLachlan

See Spot Run

Serial Joe

Shania Twain

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Skinny Puppy


Spirit Of The West

Tai Bachman

The Brothers Creegan

The Gandharvas

The Headstones

The Leahy’s

the moffatts

The Odds

The Philosopher Kings

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Rankins/The Rankin Family

The Reostatics

The Skydiggers

The Tea Party

The Tragically Hip

The Watchmen

The Wild Strawberries

Thrush Hermit

Tom Cochrane

Treble Charger

Wide Mouth Mason

Zombie Girl


Just adding this because I forgot to ask for e-mail notifications. ?

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might be hard to get going with the "Rave & Drool: A Chronicle of '90s CanRock" podcast ( https://www.facebook.com/RaveDrool/ ) being a thing already and your own decleration of limited knowledge/resources for podcasting.

not that i'm saying it is a bad idea, just might be a bit harder to tackle


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I hosted a 'somewhat' successful podcast for a few years, and since the other host decided to take a hiatus, I've been looking for something to fill that gap. I'd be interested in co-hosting, and I am adept at audio editing. I'm not sure if that is what you're looking for, but if you are, shoot me a P.M.


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So I looked at the Rave & Drool podcast. I believe what I want to do is different enough from that podcast for it to be viable. From what I can gather, it focuses more on the bands and the 90's scene as a whole. While sticking to the 90's, I'm really looking to focus in more on specific albums from a wide variety of artists throughout the decade and have everything else revolve around those pieces of work at the core. Hopefully that clarifies things a bit -- I really have no interest in trying to present a definitive look at any band or artist's career since I think focusing on an album is a lot more finite and ages a bit better for repeat listens. Hopefully that makes sense.


Either way, I'm going to continue with the project and would still love it if others could join in. I think that having more voices involved behind the scenes will help provide different perspectives and allow the entire process to be more fun. I think bouncing ideas off each other will also help foster more creativity too -- even though I have an idea of how I want to proceed, I really value other voices as well. I'll definitely need others to assist in making this a success too.

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