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Merry Christmas Everyone

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7 hours ago, Shepp said:

Thankyou all for your kindness and interest earlier this year on the records and demos I worked on with MG/B. It was something I'd intended to do long before this year, but fitting as there is still a lot of interest in the period leading up to and including 1995. I hope the pain of this current crisis diminishes and we can once again attend or play live concerts and see our favorite artists. It's been a game changer for my industry and I've seen many of my contemporaries suffer greatly from depression, lack of work, lack of social contact and despair. It's not unlike being in the middle of an album production, in that you can see the light on the horizon, it's just constantly obscured and unclear as to whether a resolution is imminent, or the outcome is a disaster. We can support each other in this by keeping our eyes on the target, we will get there by remaining kind in spirit, and valuing each other. All the best to you all!


Thanks John and best to you and yours as well.  Your posts earlier this year were very informative and shined some light on a very misunderstood period of Matt's career that he himself doesn't discuss in great detail very often.  Was fantastic to get some insight into that time frame those involved and in a year with almost no concerts, your three way interview with Ian and Daniel was one of my music related highlights of the year.  Take care of yourself and hopefully the tide will be turning in the New Year, I suspect some of those first concerts and recording sessions to be filled with some of that electric energy that makes artistic creation and expression so vibrant!  

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Thx John for sharing your stories with us this year - it was such a welcome surprise and distraction from everything else that is going on. Music has helped me through so many difficult times in my life and this is no exception. Your interviews and Ian’s have shed new light on this great era of music, and I’ve found myself revisiting my older albums of not just MGB but other bands and artists as well.  If anything - it has heightened my appreciation for that period in music history - of when I was in my early 20’s and (to use an overused phrase) life seemed so much simpler. How I miss those days sometimes....although nostalgia can be a funny thing ? Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

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