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The Holy Grail? (Poster)

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Guest Idioteque

I've been on the hunt for Method Man vinyl recently, so right before leaving my local record store today something caught my eye behind a stacks of books covered in dust. As a 90's MGB fan and the love I have for the work of Ian, Geoff & Dave on top of the cleanest Matthew Good signature I've ever seen I knew it's something I had to own, even if temporary. The owners basically gave it away for free so I couldn't pass it up, because I know the younger me would have easily paid an arm and a leg for it while crying uncontrollably.

I don't "collect" anything anymore, everything is boxed up and stuffed away in storage rooms. The only thing I can find on this poster is an old auction sale of it back in 2016 (Same water damage spots on the bottom corners) and it was sold for an undisclosed amount in a town not too far from me. To add: Outside Music is a Canadian distributor of independent record labels, founded by Lloyd Nishimura in 1995, just to give it a bit of a timeline. But if anyone has any info on this poster or other autographs from this era to help verify it, I'd appreciate it.



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For my parents this would be April Wine.  MGB is the April Wine of our era.  Most people  are like "April who?" Then they hear a song and go ooooh yeah I recognize that.  MG and MGB are that now.  I work with lots of younger women in their early to late 20s who don't know who mg or mgb is but play Weapon and they go "oh yeah ok".  Play time bomb though... nope sorry.

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