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1,000 Dead

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That Moore sure is slow when it comes to posting in his blog. I do agree with him here though. I was talking to this one girl at school about the Iraq war, and she was all "1,000 is so little, I can't believe people protest something so insignificant." I guess when compared with other wars, 1,000 is a pretty small number, but everyone knows (or rather everyone should) that for a false cause, even 1 death is too many.

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I'm pretty sure that when the Vietnam War was this old, there wasn't this many casualties. I know that was true about a year ago (someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this now).


Edit: http://www.dailykos.com= excellent leftwing blog.

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yeah, Collin, I know that site, i've already checked some of the stuff in there... thanx though ;)


I have lots and lots of other sites, but are in Spanish... and since I know almost nobody here knows Spanish, i dont post anything from those pages... but there are also great and interesting pages in my country

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