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New music prediction

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I have a feeling the new "Tribus" album will never see the light of day. Permanently shelved and something new put out in it's stead down the line.

Given all that's gone on I can't imagine putting out an album that is so infused with what I'll simply call for now "bad press" is beneficial. I sort of imagine putting as much distance between MG and the controversy around him is the goal now, so I just can't see it coming out anymore.

Maybe I'm wrong but I kinda think I'm not. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Lots of older artists don't even bother recording albums anymore anyway.  They are a lot of work and there is no money in them anymore.  I wouldn't be surprised if Matt stopped recording albums and just released singles to be streamed every now and then. 

Honestly, the average person has no clue about all of this controversy and I wouldn't be surprised if Matt continued to tour randomly after COVID and all of this blows over. He would probably still sell out venues because most people who know about him and would go see him, don't come to sites like this, and considering the lack of press around the "situation" that occurred earlier this year, he could probably still make a decent living touring like most old bands do.

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I am hopeful to hear some new music though I am not holding my breath. I know with the accusations, being dropped by Warner Music Canada, and time for self reflection, I am sure it will take some time before we hear anything.

It would be interesting if Tribus was released and all profits redirected to charity supporting women… would Hayley likely do the same? I am sure a lot of the other artists involved on that project would have liked to see their contributions see the light of day.

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