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2022 Spring tour chat

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On 2/5/2023 at 10:53 AM, Millstone said:

The Hamilton show featured an embarrasing complement of winners outside protesting the show, changing exactly no one's mind about getting into the venue.

That aside, Matt seemed a bit down on energy, didn't talk hardly at all (I've been to probably 10 shows conservatively, and this is the least I've heard him banter), and was shaking on his fretting hand during the performance. However, he still delivered a solid show, despite the crowd getting loud with chatter in the back 9 of the set, pissing off everyone. I don't think he had a great time, judging by how he was quickly whisked away to the bus straight after. I hope he's doing alright.

It almost seems like he's at some kind of Rock Bottom, doomed to become that onetime young star who kept on playing and living the lifestyle, playing to smaller and smaller crowds until one day he was old, worn out and weary, his skeletons having caught up with him.

I sure hope not!  I'd still go see him if he was playing near me, even if it was only to 10 people at a bar and drag my brother and friends with me! 😁

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