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I spent most of 4 hours listening to Raygun....

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I'm glad that this thread is here 'cause I was gonna start a new one but I'll just put my question here. Okay, this is my question:


How hard is it to get Raygun? The story behind thisis that since I've never seen it in a record store I assumed it was hard to get, like lo-fi, but not as hard. So, my cousin ordered it for me off the internet for my birthday and I think she spent a lot of money and now she's so excited. I would feel really bad if she went to all this trouble when you can just walk into a store and buy it.


With that said, this is an awesome CD and I love So Long Mrs. Smith. The harmonies = perfection, I just wish it was longer!

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Shit...oh well. At least I have it now. I just hope my cousin doesn't figure out that she overspent (I don't think she will, she's not an MG fan, although I don't know why). Now all I have to do is get lo-fi b-sides, which I am sure is really hard to get because it always seems like people are asking for it!

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