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new tour playlist?

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They basically play everything from WLRRR, then throw in a handful of classics. mainly hello time bomb, apparitions, weapon, and everything is automatic. they also play a new song, and im not totally sure if they play under the influence or not. they used to. But i do konw they rotate every song on WLRRR (except hidden song) and maybe leave out 2 of them randomly. my friend saw every song but buffalo seven and Ex-Pats a week or 2 ago. hopefully this answers your questions

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but he's doing to tour to promote WLR&RR, so it makes sense that he plays mostly off of that.


Anybody know what the merch situation has been on this tour? (I want to know what they have and how much it is so I know how much money to bring.) Thanks.

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Ya, it was the same during avalanche. at kool haus show he basically played whole CD except long way down, house of...., and double life. plus i believe that he doesnt play tons of classics because that was matthew good band. not matthew good. he probobly just wants to keep focused on what hes doing now, not whats in the past. alothough im sure he will do a tour that includes all his work. Metallica is doing that now. very well rounded setlists

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