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Matthew Good [Band] Elimination

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Results From Group A

1) Strange Days 16 vs Flashdance II 3

2) Hello Time Bomb 13 vs 21st CenturyLiving 6

3) Deep Six 9 vs Omissions of the Omen 10

4) Jenni’s Song 2 vs Apparitions 17

5) Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 12 vs Pledge of Allegiance 7

6) Failing The Rorschach Test 16 vs Indestructible 3




1) Rat Who Would Be King (17-6 – Ranked #21) vs Flight Recorder From Viking 7 (11-9 – Ranked #43)

---“Rat Who Would Be King” enters round 2 after defeating “Comfortable Criminals” 17-6 in round 1.

---“Flight Recorder From Viking 7” is fresh from an 11-9 victory over “Buffalo Seven” in round 1

My Pick: DEFINITELY Flight Recorder From Viking 7

Prediction: Flight Recorder From Viking 7.. HOPEFULLY by a lot.


2) Suburbia (11-5 --- Ranked #25) vs Invasion 1 (13-8 –Ranked #34)

--- “Suburbia” is fresh from a 11-5 victory over “Blue Skies Over Badlands” in their first round match.

--- “Invasion 1” beat out “Annabelle” collecting an 13-8 victory.

My Pick: Suburbia

Prediction: This ought to be a cake walk for Suburbia.


3) Sort of a Protest Song (16-4 -- Ranked #14) vs Generation X-Wing (9-7 --- Ranked #40)

---“Sort of a Protest Song” is coming off a strong 16-4 victory over “Native Son”

---“Generation X-Wing” is looking to continue its demolition after a 9-7 win over “Radio Bomb”.

My Pick: Sort of a Protest Song

Prediction: Sort of a Protest Song lays the smack down.


4) It’s Been a While Since I Was Your Man (10-10 --- Ranked #47) vs Tripoli (16-4 – Ranked #13)

---“It’s Been a While Since I Was Your Man” is coming off a 10-10 squeaker over “Poor Man’s Grey” in round 1 action.

---“Tripoli” is into round 2 after a 16-4 blowout against “Rico.”

My Pick: Tripoli.. of course!

Prediction: Tripoli’s gonna make “its been a while..” lose its head.


5) Antipop(10-8 --- Ranked #41) vs Avalanche (13-7 --- Ranked #31)

---“Antipop” snuck its way to a 10-8 victory over “Enjoy The Silence”

---“Avalanche” knocked off “Symbolistic White Walls” in a huge round 1 battle, 13-7..

My Pick: Strategically.. I’m picking Antipop.

Prediction: Avalanche is gonna win this one hands down.


6) Man From Harold Wood (10-10 --- Ranked #46) vs Running For Home (10-6 --- Ranked #10)

---“Man From Harold Wood” enters round 2 after winning 10-10 against “M Good vs M Trolley” in round 1.

---“Running For Home” is coming off a 19-4 destroying of “Carmelina”

My Pick: Running For Home..

Prediction: RFH should even get a shutout!


Come back on Thursday Sept 23 2004 for this group’s results, and the matchups for group C.

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1) Rat Who Would Be King (no doubt about it, my most favorite song ever...)

2) Suburbia

3) Sort of a Protest Song

4) Tripoli (for sure!)

5) Antipop(half an hour to decide on this one...)

6) Running For Home

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1) Rat Who would be King

2) Invasion 1

3) Generation X-wing (which is already in the shower with the sister of sort of a protest song. hiyo! bad joke alert)

4) Tripoli

5) Avalanche

6) Running for Home




I considering voting for Man from harold wood just so i could stand out. oh what i do for attention......lol

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Hmm I was listening to the MGB demos.. and there are some solid solid tracks on there.. some that could make it far in this tournament.. but adding all of the demo tracks here would be pointless since the majority would lose right away.. but there are a few that stand out like "umbrellaless" "if birds dont fly straight" "Coming out in purple" "push" and of course "Euphony" among others.. hmmm..

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OMG, a lot harder choices than last time:


The Rat Who Would be King




Sort of a Protest Song (ahhhhhhhh.. Generation X-Wing is so good...)


It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man (unless I can mold them into one song and vote for both: It's Been A While Since Tripoli)


Avalanche (And I swear if Antipop wins that's just wrong)


Running for Home


Btw, how did Indestructible lose? There's no way.... and Man of Action as well... argh.

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Flight Recorder From Viking 7


Sort of a Protest Song



Running for Home



--- and 'folk days' songs elimination would be amazing. but i'd love to see them in an elimination against each other, not any of the 'rock', since they're in a class of their own, imho.

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