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Song Variations.

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The poll on Born To Kill got me wondering about other MG songs that have been available in different places and I was wondering if you guys could help me and let me know if they are the same or different.


Is there any difference between the songs that appear on both LOTGA and Raygun?


Is there any difference between Flashdance II on Loser Anthems and the version released online previously?


And finally is there any difference between Fated off of Lo-Fi B-Sides and the version on Much @ Edgefest '99?


Thanks in advance.

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Sybloistic white walls is preety much the same on Raygun and LOTGA, but Havent slept in years is pretty different. im pretty sure Flashdance is the same, just maybe a quality difference, as the one i heard sounded like someone holding a tape recorder to a crappy computer speaker. not sure about fated, as i dont know if Much @ edge is a live CD or not. i would assume they are similar

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Sorry for the necropost, but I didn't think this needed it's own thread, but I figured people might like to hear it:


I downloaded a copy of Fated that I feel fairly confident is actually from Lo-fi B-sides. The version on Much @ Edgefest (which is a compilation CD, not a live CD) seems to be exactly the same except that it doesn't feature the cough and studio noise audible at the end of the Lo-fi B-sides version.

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