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Accoustic EP?

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While I'm definately not holding my breath for the accoustic EP, I still think it is in the realm of possibility if Matt is still interested in it.


It took Matt, what over a year to release Loser Anthems? Or maybe it just seemed that long. Actually it seemed longer. ;) I remember the mp3 for Flashdance II had been taken off of the site by the time I heard about it, so I downloaded it off of Napster(!) and it still seemed like I had it on my computer for forever before the EP was released.


Well, we can always hope at least. :angry:

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There was supposed to be an EP with the extra tracks from Avalanche (NF radio edit, Weapon Soundtrack and one other one I can't remember) that was going to be only for HOSAM members, but it was scrapped.


I think the other song was lullaby for the new world order acoustic...


It was pretty good

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