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It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man

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The video for the new single, It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man, was shot last week and was directed by long time MG director Bill Morrison. Be sure to check for the video on television and right here at matthewgood.org in the weeks ahead.

This is taken directly from www.matthewgood.org

Also there are 2 snapshots of the videoshoot.


Have any predictions as to what the video will be like?


Interesting how Matt has said that he liked the IAWCC video and it's director, Kyle Davidson, but has resorted to using longtime MG director Bill Morrison for the new video and the ASR video.

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Bill Morisson directed every MG/B video except:

Weapon, IAWCC and Anti Pop.


if you say strange days im gonna have a joygasam, lol

Go nuts! Strange Days was directed by Bill Morrison. I think this may have been a video that matt co-directed...i will have to get back to you on that.

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are you guys sure it was Bill Morrison who did Alert Status Red.. i coulda sworn it wasnt lol..

i remember matt saying the original video was god awful.. and he got 2 people (for some reason i keep thinking kyle davidson was one of them) to fix it up as much as they humanly could.) im 99.999% it wasnt him. ;).. or at least.. he wasnt the only director involved..

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Wait a minute.... not to be annoying... but if you play "We're So Heavy" during the video for "It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man..." the video will end but "We're So Heavy" will still be playing... Lol ... and by the time it gets to "...How can you love Jove Drusilla and forsake Rome" Much Music will be playing Nickelback and such... and that would be a travesty. So, sucks to your idea... lol.... sry.

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