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Sky Captain and Wimbledon

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...yet are completely different.


I heart Paul Bettany and Jude Law.


That's one Jude Law movie crossed off my list. Five more to go.


Anyway. So, Sky Captain was random, but completely awesome. I loved the grainy, film noir technique. It made me happy. Gwyneth Paltrow made that movie though. She had these great looks of disgust. And Angelina Jolie was just kick ass. And British. =D


Wimbledon was totally different. His random British dialogue made my day. Also the British profanity (Bollocks! And sod it!). That was great.



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I'm seeing Sky Captain tomorrow. I can't wait!


I love the retro serial look. I thought that was one of the coolest things from Star Wars episode 2 as well.


As a side note I also love superhero movies. I think they should make a Captain America movie. Before I could never think of how they could do it and not make it look cheezy but now I know. They need to leave it set during WWII (when he was created) and not freeze him and bring him to the present like they are oh so fond of doing, then the movie needs to look like a cross between Sky Captain and Pearl Harbour. Now that would be an amazing movie. ;)

P.S. I thought the storyline for PH (the whole romance angle) was bad, but the cinematography was breath taking.

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